Best Short Walks in Girringun National Park

hiking Girringun National Park

Hiking Girringun National Park doesn’t have to involve hours of treacherous mountain scaling. Take a look at this guide to the best short walks in Girrungun National Park!

Girringun National Park covers more than 208 550 ha, and has some of the most stunning scenery, fishing spots and walking trails in the Hinchinbrook Island region. Hiking Girringun National Park can be divided into four areas: Wallaman Falls, Blencoe Falls, Mount Fox and Dalrymple Gap.

Adventurers can explore the park for many days on the interconnected trails of the Wet Tropics Great Walk while hiking Girringun National Park, or take one of the amazing short walks listed below.

Wallaman Falls

• Banggurru walk (named by the Warrgamaygan people, means ‘turtle;). This 800 metre walk takes about 45 minutes. It is an easy hike, making it one the whole family can enjoy. The walk follows Stony Creek, where you might be lucky enough to see a wild platypus in a rock pool or a saw-shelled turtle sunning itself on a log.
• Djyinda (means ‘falls’). This 300 metre walk from the lookout at Wallaman Falls finishes at the base of Wallaman Falls. It is moderately difficult as the descent is steep and the ascent can be slippery The trail meanders through opens forests, providing awesome Herbert River Valley views, before descending into the cool depths of the gorge. From here you can look up to see a magical, misty view of the falls.

Blencoe Falls

• Blencoe Falls lookout. This 400 metre return walk is considered easy and is popular with visitors of all ages. It takes approximately 20 minutes. From the lookout you can watch the cascading falls as they flow to the Herbert River. Blencoe Falls has an initial 90 metre drop before it plunges another 230 metres into the gorge.
• Jabali walk (means ‘whiptail wallaby’). This 5 kilometre return walk is moderately difficult and takes 1.5 – 2 hours. The trail starts west of the camping ground and crosses through rugged eucalypt forest before reaching the Blencoe Falls lookout where more stunning views can be found.

Mount Fox

• Mount Fox is a dormant volcano and its rocky, windswept slopes are dotted with large scattered boulders from long-ago eruptions. Visitors can walk right up to the crater and look in. From this elevation you can also take in the surrounding views of Kangaroo Hills. This steep 2 kilometre walk takes 1 – 1.5 hours. It is considered difficult and requires a high level of fitness. The path is unmarked and the walk is not recommended for inexperienced hikers.

Dalrymple Gap

• Dalrymple Gap is a 10-kilometre track that follows the path of the first European explorers. It is classified as difficult and a return trip takes 6 hours. The track can be walked in both directions. There are a number of creek crossings along the track and the landscape ranges from eucalypt forest to refreshing rainforest canopy. One of the features of this track is an historic bridge constructed with bricks transported from Scotland.
Girringun National Park is an amazing place to visit for its pristine fishing spots, beautiful scenery and walking trails which are among the best in the Hinchinbrook Island region.

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