Girringun National Park

Girringun National Park is a popular tourist destination for those wishing to enjoy unspoiled natural beauty and breathtaking scenery. The park in North Queensland is World Heritage listed, and part of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. It is located 110 kilometres from Townsville and 50 kilometres from Ingham.

Girrimgun National Park is divided into four areas – Wallaman Falls, Blencoe Falls, Mount Fox and Dalrymple Gap.

Wallaman Falls is Australia’s highest single-drop waterfall, and one of the most accessible landmarks in the area. The gorge is covered by a lush rainforest, and its waters are sparkling and pristine. Mount Fox, in contrast, is a dormant volcano crater surrounded by rocks from an ancient volcanic eruption. Plant life here is sparse, highlighting the diverse landscapes.

There are a range of things to do in the park for those who love the great outdoors.



While vehicle access to Girringun National Park is limited largely to Wallaman Falls and Dalrymple Gap, most of the park can be accessed by hikers. The duration and difficulty of hikes varies, and the longer hikes are not recommended for inexperienced walkers.

The track at Dalrymple Gap is 10 kilometres in one direction, and takes approximately 6 hours to walk. It is considered difficult. You can also climb 815 metres to the top of Mount Fox and peer into the crater. Although only a 2 kilometre walk, the path up Mount Fox is not marked, and it is only suitable for experienced hikers.

At Wallaman Falls it’s possible to hike to the bottom of the gorge and view the magnificent cascading waters from below. The 4 kilometre return trip is demanding and requires a good level of fitness. Alternatively, you can view the gorge and Herbert River Valley from a platform just 300 metres from the car park.

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Bird Watching

The park is very popular with birdwatchers who are attracted by the diverse range of species in the area. Many of the birds in Girringun National Park can only be found in the Queensland’s tropics. BirdLife International has acknowledged the park’s significance, and it has been included as part of the Woorooonooran Important Bird Area.

Other species which can be found in the park include platypuses, sugar gliders, bandicoots, red-legged pademelons, saw-shelled turtles and freshwater crocodiles.



Camping facilities are available at Wallaman Falls and Blencoe Falls. Wallaman Falls has toilets, cold water showers, shelter sheds and gas barbeques. Blencoe Falls has both walk-in and vehicle-based sites for camping. A 4WD is recommended. Girringun National Park also a number ‘hike- in’ sites available on the Wet Tropics Great Walk which require campers to be totally self-sufficient. Camping permits are needed to camp in the park.


Scenic Flights

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